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Watch Adam Driver Prepare For Kylo Ren In Star Wars Filming

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Out of the many talked about points of Star Wars final trilogy movies is Adam Driver’s performance as Kylo Ren. Driver knew his role exactly and sometimes even rejected guidance given by stunt coordinators. No need to take it as something negative, the celebrity was deeply involved in his character. So deep that he would openly express what Ren would want and how he would react. His stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart talked about meeting Adam Driver for the first time and even admitted that he impressed her with his performance.

Eunice Liked Arguing With Adam Driver Over Ren’s Moves

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is coming to Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and DVD on March 31st. So it seems that the Disney franchise has restarted its marketing campaign. IGN shared a video that featured Adam Driver training for Kylo Ren. The star first joined the Star Wars universe back in 2015, featuring in The Force Awakens. His performance as the Sith apprentice quickly gathered him a fanbase which only grew stronger since then. In The Last Jedi, his connection with Rey becomes stronger, bringing out different theories about its reason. Finally, The Rise of Skywalker was Driver’s climax movie as Kylo Ren gives his life force to Rey to save her life. Becoming Ben Solo once again, he and a revived Rey share a kiss before he dies in her arms.

Take a look at this short training clip below:

The stunt coordinator was clearly impressed by how incredible Adam Driver shot his action scenes for Kylo Ren. She even gave him a fair warning that if he would not look good in the shot then they would replace him. Amazingly, all of his shots were perfect, he worked really hard for all of them as well.

The Disney role for Adam Driver as Kylo Ren might have ended, but maybe John Boyega would return. Earlier he claimed that he doesn’t want to return to Star Wars. However, if Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley were to return then he would definitely reconsider his plans.

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