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Harvey Weinstein wanted Jennifer Aniston Killed, Court Reveals

The disgraced Hollywood Mogul never fails to disappoint

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Whenever Harvey Weinstein’s name appears on our news feed, you just know it’s going to be bad news. And again, he did not disappoint. The courts have released sealed papers from the case. These include communications the disgraced mogul made as soon as the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement kicked in. As he realized his time was coming, Weinstein became more and more desperate. And he had something quite disgusting to say about Jennifer Aniston!

He wanted Jennifer Aniston dead!

Harvey Weinstein wanted Jennifer Anniston Killed, Court Reveals
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According to these documents, the National Enquirer contacted Harvey Weinstein about a story. The story said that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted Jennifer Aniston, but to this, Weinstein replied:

Jen Aniston should be killed.

Moreover, this was just one of the emails revealed. The courts released around 1000 pages of correspondence and this particular one caught the eye of Variety. However, Aniston’s own representative Stephen Huvane confirmed that the allegations were untrue. But, the documents didn’t just reveal that about Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein contacted Bezos and Bloomberg for help too

According to the documents, Weinstein also contacted Jeff Bezos and Mike Bloomberg for help. He sent them a dozen emails, almost begging for help. However, the pages revealed much more. He had written several responses to the allegations in November of 2017. It also included that he would join a sex addict counseling program, and was desperate for a second chance. In Harvey Weinstein’s own words, he said:

Allow me to resurrect myself with a second chance

But that’s not all. His own brother, Bob Weinstein said that his brother was a sexual predator and belonged in “hell”. That’s something horrible for your own brother to say about you. He further wrote:

U deserve a lifetime achievement award for the sheer savagery and immorality and inhumanness, for the acts u have perpetrated. Oh I forgot. They were all consensual. Then what are u in rehab for? Sex addiction. Don’t think so. You wouldn’t have harassment, assault and rape charges u have now received, from 82 women for active consensual sex.

This just goes to show what everyone around Weinstein thought of him. And that brings us to his guilty verdict.

Guilty verdict and sentencing


Last month, New York City courts declared Weinstein guilty of rape and sexual assault. Now, however, he has been sentenced to 23 years in prison! Nearly 80 women came forward against Weinstein with sexual abuse, rape, and sexual assault allegations.

It’s really painful to see what these 80 women had to endure. However, Weinstein is finally behind bars. The credit for that goes to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. Without their efforts, none of this was possible. But it’s a fact that women still have to go through a lot. We hope every abuser is held accountable. Only then will women be able to breathe in peace.

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