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Why US Rapper DaBaby Slapped Female Fan?

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Jonathan Lyndale Kirk also knows as the DaBaby, is famous for his rapping skills. But recently, a video of the American rapper started circulating on the internet (which is probably made by a fan) when he was supposed to perform at Tampa Bar in California.

It is just a video, right? So, what is making it viral?

If you see the video closely, DaBaby is trying to make his way to the stage. And a woman is standing midway in the crowd, trying to take his picture (with the flashlight on).

She might have accidentally poked his face with the phone. Or, maybe, she unconsciously got way too close. The situation becomes worse when DaBaby turned back and smacked her on the face.

A few sources explained that the fans started booing DaBaby, so he left the bar without performing. Sources are explaining, that the victim called the police and explained the whole scenario.

According to the victim, “the woman who was standing next to her was taking the rapper’s pictures with the flashlight on, might have hit him in the face.” The victim was shaken to the core. Reports say that she is thinking about taking legal action against DaBaby.

DaBaby Apologizes To The Female Fan

DaBaby has posted an apology on his Instagram story.

“I sincerely apologize, I do. I am very sorry. There was a female at the other end and a flashlight on that phone. But you know, keep in mind, I couldn’t see you because you got a flash this close to me which is okay. A lot of people did, they didn’t put as close as you put it. But a lot of people have flash on me. And that’s okay you notice that’s what I sign up photos to recites taken one coming, you put on a show for my fans. you know is tangent on behind sided cool. I am with it, but darling fans I know how many people know how to zoom-in. So, I do apologize it was a female on the other end. But, may I love female, I would have responded the same way.

This is not the first time though. In January, DaBaby got arrested on a battery charge when he was arguing with a music promoter. The issue involved payment for a performance.


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