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Madonna turns 60: Hardships of Female Popstars Aging

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Popular singer Madonna turned 60 yesterday. And that marks another year to the lifetime that she spent making an impact on us. Be it with music or with the way she struggled being a famous female. But throughout it all, Madonna has been a symbol of style and inspiration for many.

Nobody out there other than Madonna is better suited to understand the problems of aging while being famous and female. The legendary singer has attracted criticism ever since she dropped her first hit album Like A Virgin in 1984. Madonna was also labelled as a slut during the early years of her career. But this had nothing to do with her character. In fact, she earned it because a lot many people could not keep up with her convention-challenging brash sexuality. For almost a decade, Madonna had to put up with endless criticism and a sneering tone from the public.

Back in 2015, Madonna appeared on the Grammy red carpet in a wild manner. As the singer flashed her butt for the photographers, she immediately became the target of condescending coverage. In 2016, after the singer earned $100 million from her Rebel Heart world tour, she again faced some accusations. Only this time, she was called drunk, late and mentally unfit to tour. Later that same year, she fought her ex-husband Guy Ritchie in a custody case over son Rocco. Once again, the coverage made her appear as a tortured loser who was compelled to let her son stay in London with his dad.

Apart from all this, Madonna has generally attracted negativity all the time and very less of her efforts went appreciated. In 2015, when she sang a party anthem, people called her delusional. When she danced on a show, Piers Morgan commented on her in front of his Good Morning Britain audience and said that it was inappropriate of Madonna to dance like that when she is 57 years of age.

Everything that Madonna endured is just a reflection of what a female would go through if she intends to stay in the spotlight despite aging. But Madonna was just not going to let the criticism and accusations pull her back down. She fought back for years- confident and unapologetic.

During the interviews, Madonna put her defense up on every criticism she faced. While addressing the stunt at the Grammy red carpet, she claimed that she took care of herself to stay in good shape. And that she could show herself despite whatever her age was. She also fired back that people determining what age she could show her body was simply sexist. Not just that but it was also ageism and discrimination.

Numerous times, Madonna issued such statements that reflected on her strength and integrity. When she was awarded the honor of Woman Of The Year, her speech did not flaunt her success or celebration. Instead, she chose to talk about what it was to be a woman in the music industry and all the abuses that people were hurling at her considering her pop success.

Throughout the years, Madonna has been fairly open about her years in the face of sexism, misogyny, bullying and abuse. She preached the power of women. Especially in the light of all those years of struggle and still failing to achieve similar standards as men. She also talked about assault and abuse almost a year before #MeToo and #TimesUp spurred.

Madonna just turned 60. But is not letting her career die down even now. Apparently, the pop star is working on her 14th studio album and is teasing a song for her performance at Met Gala this year.

With her 60th birthday celebrations going on, everything that Madonna taught us about controversy, sexism and discrimination is still as true as ever.

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