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Listeria (Listeriosis) Attacks Pregnant Women and Leads to Miscarriage, CDC

It has claimed 4 lives, infected 30+ and two out 6 Listeria infected Pregnant Women miscarried.

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While everyone’s eyes are on the CDC coronavirus map another deadly infection plagues the nation. Listeria outbreak has claimed 4 lives and infected more than 30 across 17 States in the United States. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning everyone to not consume the Enoki Mushroom. 2 of 6 infected pregnant women miscarried and it primarily hits pregnant women, infants, and older adults.

What is Listeria?

As coronavirus spreads across the country another deadly germ has started killing and infecting people across the US. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), contaminated Enoki Mushroom by Sun Hong Foods has caused 4 deaths. The four listeria outbreak deaths took place in California, Hawaii, and New Jersey and dozens are hospitalized all around the US. Out of the six, two pregnant women lost their babies.

Listeria primarily attacks pregnant women, infants, old adults and people with weak immune systems. It is a germ called Monocytogenes and causes severe illness after eating contaminated food.

Listeriosis causes mild illness to the mothers but can prove fatal for the fetus & new-borns. Listeria also targets older adults (65+), who can develop infections in the brain and bloodstream. These are commonly known as Meningitis & Sepsis and can cost a life if not treated in time. It also affects the chest, abdomen, joints, and bones.

What are the Symptoms of Listeriosis?

It is quite difficult to diagnose and generally causes fever and diarrhea. In pregnant women, the symptoms range from flu to body-aches, In severe cases, Listeria infection can lead to miscarriage and premature birth.

In other people, the symptoms include disorientation, stiff-neck, headaches, and muscle aches.

At the moment the authorities are learning more about Listeria and warning the citizens of the US. The official CDC website has this to say about the infection on their official website.

Do not eat, serve, or sell any recalled Enoki mushrooms distributed by Sun Hong Foods, Inc.

We will keep you updated on the outbreak as more information starts rolling in.



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