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Cardi B Panics Over Coronavirus, Storing Food To Survive

Says CoV is on Tour.

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CoronaVirus is making its presence known to the world. Many countries are taking steps to prevent the population from getting infected. While the world is trying to get the vaccine ready at earliest, our queen Cardi B is stocking up on food. And we guess we should do the same. The vaccine will not be ready any sooner. And our only hope is to stay inside the house after storing enough food to last us a whole year. Or at least, the next few months.

Coronavirus Scares The Hell Out Of Cardi B

Cardi B took to her Instagram to confess how f****** scared she is. She is also skeptical about how the virus from Wuhan, China has spread to the whole world, on m*****f*****g tour. In fact, B is scared and panicking. And she wants everyone to take the issue seriously as well. Cardi B also disses the non-serious people who think that they are immune to the CoronaVirus and won’t be affected by it.

And how she does that? In a very logical way. Almost every other person is ordering weave from China, or clothes from Fashion Nova. They should be worried about the virus arriving as a complimentary gift with the package.

I’m telling you shit is real, shit is getting real.

Right before posting this, Cardi B joked about Dominicans and CoronaVirus.


Fans React To B’s Message

Cardi B’s fans have reacted in many different ways to the CoronaVirus message. While some confirmed that they are also stocking up on food already, others couldn’t stop laughing at the video. And most of them were focused on how good she looked in the video.

Cardi B CoronaVirus

Cardi B

And the creative lot is turning it into memes.

CoronaVirus is not a joke. While it feels good to lighten up the mood sometimes, it is also better to prepare yourself to fight against the fast-spreading CoronaVirus.

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