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Barnett on Love is Blind | A Closer Look

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The latest trending reality show in town is Love Is Blind. Released as a Netflix Original, the show follows strangers as they learn to love one another and become engaged without ever seeing each other. Since now they are an engaged couple, the show finds it perfectly normal to have them meet. Their reactions are recorded after which they are given 30 days in which, they decide whether they want to take their relationship to the altar. Pretty sketchy. As the show starts, an immediate fan hated candidate, was Matt Barnett. Going on the show by his last name, Barnett.

Matt Barnett throughout Love Is Blind

In the start, Barnett is the goofy, seemingly playboy guy that does not seem to be taking the whole Love Is Blind experiment seriously. While participants like Cameron and Lauren are getting engaged, Matt Barnett is busy flirting. He is indecisive and juggling between three women – Jessica Batten, Amber Pike, and L.C; Lauren Chamblin.

One of the first things that he says that fans and the woman on the other end hated were that he asked Diamond if she was African American because she ‘sounded’ like it. He then went on to imply that her name was that of resemblance to a stripper. Not nice Barnett. Not nice.

Well, seeing Jessica after this particular event, we realized that she is no saint either. However, Barnett was talking love, proposals, and relationships with three girls at the same time. THREE GIRLS!

Anyway, at this point, even though Barnett was working through his indecisiveness and finally proposed to Amber Pike, we still could not help but feel ‘irritated’ by the guy. Since the start, he comes off as a typical playboy. And in one of his first interviews with the producers, he stated that he was looking for a mature relationship. So maybe, appearances can be deceiving. However, another thought does come to mind: Maybe he was looking for a change in his lifestyle.

The change in his demeanor as the series goes on.

Although, as the series progresses, Barnett turns out to be a kind, loving and passionate man for Amber. In spite of the ever-increasing and enticing advances by Jessica, he remains solely focused on Amber.

In the episode with the weddings, the producers seem to try and find a little bit of drama out of his relationship. Although, as they get on that altar, their love is signed into history. Their love is all but pouring out of their eyes.

Here’s a pretty well-structured Reddit post we found.

He said he couldn’t, himself, tell the difference between “feeling good” in the moment and “having feelings.” And I think if he had sat on that and gone home instead of picking one of the girls at random, he might have learned something about himself. He’s too busy chasing girls and hunting for a “yes” to even stop to think about how he feels about them or what he wants.


What are your opinions on Matt Barnett? Drop them down in the comments below.

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