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Tana Mongeau Getting Too Cozy With Bella Thorne’s Ex Mod Sun

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Tana Mongeau and her adventurous life will never cease to amaze her fans. Especially when it comes to her dating life. Just recently, she broke up with her husband Jake Paul. We’re not sure if they were ever legally married or if it was just for clout. But they were and now they are not. Though, Jake Paul seems to have moved on to none other than Julia Rose. Whereas, Tana Mongeau may be getting a little close to her friend Mod Sun. Do you remember who that is?

Let me refresh your memory on Mod Sun

Mod Sun previously shared Bella Thorne with Tana Mongeau. That means that Mod and Tana were dating Bella Thorne at the same time. It was all consensual. Only Mod and Tana were not dating each other. But that may be changing very soon it seems.

There was some drama between Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne when Tana was out hanging with Mod pretty soon after Bella broke up with both of them. Bella claimed that Tana was breaking the girl code. Though, it seems like they have settled the matter.

Mod Sun celebrates birthday with Tana Mongeau

Tana posted some stories on her Instagram where she was having a grand old time with Mod Sun:

Mod Sun Tana Mongeau Party

Tana Mod Jordan

Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun were having a great time together. They were not doing anything romantic but these two are technically hanging in the bed.

Moreover, Tana posted this heartfelt birthday wish dedicated to Mod:

happy birthday to my best friend + favorite human. i simply question every day if i’d be alive if it wasn’t for ur existence. we’ve come along way and i’m never not grateful for that.. u teach me new shit every day and i will never not love a minute i spend with u. i’d keep telling instagram how much u rock but i’m sitting on stage while u perform yet another sold out show and i’d rather watch that then tell u in person so bye!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, do take a careful look at how they are seated:

Tana and Mod

That is adorably sweet. If it’s a friendship, I’m sure it would last a long time. But there’s so much potential for it to be more. That’s what the post implies after all.

Underneath the post, Mod Sun replied with this emotional comment:

U just made me cry tana


People are shipping Tana and Mod

I’m not the only one who read too much into this one post. There are plenty of Tana’s friends that are shipping her with Mod Sun.

YouTuber Ashly Schwann comments under the post saying:

u guys should date!!!! 🥺💖

Lena the plug also thinks Mod Sun should date Tana Mongeau:

this looks like LOVEEEE girlfriend 😍 happy bday @modsun

A fan, amberroche33,  also shipped the two:

Be together! Be the best couple!! 💕

Either way, Tana Mongeau and Mod Sun are happy to be in each other’s presence. And weirdly enough, both haven’t been hanging out with Bella Thorne, at least not publicly.

We’re sure Bella Thorne doesn’t care about this since she is happy in her own fairytale relationship with her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, and a mysterious girlfriend.

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