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Game of Thrones’ Co-Stars In Love Triangle in Marvel’s “The Eternals”

Because the drama in Game of Thrones wasn't enough...

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It’s been close to a year since Game of Thrones ended, but the careers of several actors just started. Kit Harrington and Richard Madden stole many hearts and critic reviews with their performances. Now, however, they face a different challenge – Marvel’s “The Eternals”. Gemma Chan will also be starring in the film, and she has revealed part of the plot to the fans!

Jon Snow and Rob Stark in a love triangle?

Kit Harrington and Richard Madden in Game of Thrones
Kit Harrington and Richard Madden in Game of Thrones

Gemma Chan recently gave an interview to Vanity Fair Italy, in which she indulged in the premise of the film. The story involves a group of immortal aliens that lived on Earth 7000 years ago. She told the magazine that:

Specifically, it is the story of a group of immortal aliens, who arrived on Earth seven thousand years ago, so the plot takes place in a very long period of time.

Sersi will be played by Gemma Chan, who will have two love affairs in the film. One is going to be with Kit Harrington’s Dark Knight, and the other with the character Ikar. And, chances are that Richard Madden will be playing him! Gemma Chan further said:

Sersi is the one that has the most affinity with humans, indeed it is even involved in two love stories, an absolute novelty for Marvel events and one of the reasons that attracted me to this project.

Therefore, Game of Thrones fans might revel in nostalgia while seeing Madden and Harrington together. However, there is a lot in this film for Marvel fans!

Will “The Eternals” stay loyal to the comics?

Game of Thrones' Co-Stars In Love Triangle in Marvel's "The Eternals"
Kevin Feige | Wikimedia Commons

With Kevin Feige still in charge, we can safely say that the movie will be loyal to its source material. He has said that it is going to be one of the most expensive Marvel films. He talked to the Hollywood Reporter and said:

It is a very big movie. It is a very expensive movie. And we are making it because we believe in (director Chloe Zhao’s) vision and we believe in what those characters can do and we believe we need to continue to grow and evolve and change and push our genre forward.

Unlike ‘The Avengers’, Marvel is going head-on with ‘The Eternals’. They’re assembling a massive cast and forming a team at the very start, instead of building up to it. Moreover, with the love affair of Sersi and the Black Night, we will be seeing more content that is loyal to the comics. As if that wasn’t enough, Feige has confirmed that The Eternals will play a big role in the MCU. The scenes when the Avengers crossover with the Eternals will truly be epic.

Let’s see if the gamble will pay off this time or not!

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