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Jim Carrey Comes Back to Hollywood Reluctantly

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Jim Carrey has been away from Hollywood for a few years now. However, the actor plans on returning to the acting industry very soon. But he is hesitant to return to Hollywood and recently, the star opened up about his reluctance.

Recently, while talking about his decision to leave Hollywood, Jim Carrey shared that he just did not want to be in business anymore. He said that he did not like the changes the industry was going through. By that, Jim Carrey was referring to how corporations were taking over Hollywood. He also talked about how he felt he was attracted to a different kind of creative outlet. For example, he started liking painting more. That’s because there was no committee telling him what idea would appeal more to the audience.

Jim Carrey will soon make his return to Hollywood with the premiere of the new HBO show Kidding which is due in late August. But even then, the actor believes he is not fully back into the game. He said that he is not back in the same way. In fact, he does not even feel like holding onto anything at all. While addressing his return further, Jim Carrey revealed that he had gone through great losses in his life. He even ended up on the other side from where he could look anybody in the eye and feel like he’s on the same page as them. The actor also said that everybody waits for that one thing that they can recognize as themselves. And with his new HBO show, his life experience kind of matched up.

Jim Carrey had been one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. But during his break from the industry, he got famous for his skills as a political cartoonist. He has been an absolute delight for Trump haters on Twitter. In fact, Jim Carrey redid the TIME Magazine cover with a brutal reflection of Trump’s administration policies.

Over the years, the actor’s mental sanity has also been repeatedly questioned. And any look on his personal life surely rose suspicions. To make things worse, the actor made a few bizarre appearances in public as well. But Jim Carrey addressed almost all these concerns in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Jim Carrey is finally returning back to Hollywood very soon. And people could not be more thrilled to see him back on the screens.

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