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Jessica Batten | The Real Villain on Love is Blind

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You cannot expect hearts and flowers after putting 30 individuals in pods interacting with one another through a wall. Well, Love is Blind makers apparently thought that was possible. Although we do not get how. Well, then we saw it happen with Lauren and Cameron. The two were just adorable. But it’s quite risky. And making entertainment out of someone’s life choices, eh… not so much fun. But here’s the thing about reality T.V. You do not get stereotypical villains. Jessica Batten although, did fit the description of a villain pretty well.

Jessica Batten. The pretty blonde whose voice is enough for those in the pods to fall for. At the start of the show, Jessica was the harmless girl who was so into Barnett (another story for another day). While Barnett seemed to be the one giving her a hard time with his indecision. However, the moment we saw Barnett rejecting her, the true colors of Jessica Batten seemingly came to show. All the pieces fit in place aligning to show us just how selfish Jessica was. She was not around to find love. To her, it was more about the dramatics of it all.


Why Jessica Batten could be the villain of the story

You see, even though Jessica was clearly favoring Barnett, she was still seeing Mark. Even though she knew that she wanted to be with Barnett. Probably playing it safe? Well, whatever. The minute Barnett made his decision to be with Amber Pike, Jessica seemed to lash out. She went up to Amber, telling her not to trust Barnett and maybe that was her way to have Amber reject Barnett when he proposes. Meanwhile, the very next minute, she went to Mark and told him that she ‘chose him’. Hello, what? The same guy who she thought was ‘too young’ for her.

As she committed to Mark Cuevas, who is a loving and passionate man throughout the series, she knew it may not have been meant to be. Jessica’s fear of the outside world kept creating problems for her. Fast forward to episode 6. Amber had a party for Barnett. There, Jessica found her way of talking to Barnett trying to tell him that she should have been with him.

Jessica The Real Villain on Love Is Blind

Now, in only a little while, Jessica found herself looking for ways out of the relationship. She kept looking forward to her and Mark’s families to reject the relationship but, to no avail. On the other hand, their families were extremely loving and supportive of their love. And so, she lost her one chance at an exit.

The worst moment for the fans was when, in spite of her clear confusion, she went up to that alter and rejecting sweet Mark in front of everyone. Fans were shattered seeing Mark cry in the dressing room with his mom.

So, Jessica tried her best to sabotage another relationship, broke sweet Mark’s heart and managed to come out of it unharmed. Well, there you have it, villain-ness.

Jessica is aware of it

At least, she is not blind to how she was portrayed in the show. Jessica Batten did admit how cringeworthy her time on the show was:

“There were some really cringeworthy moments for me that I had to reflect on. It’s tough because watching it back, it was obvious that I was working through some things. I was drinking too much and that was really disturbing to see play out, and some of the comments that I made that were derogatory, and that certainly wasn’t fair to Mark, who’s a fantastic person and obviously very, very, attractive.”

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