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Love is Blind Scripted or Real?

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As some of you may know, Love is Blind is getting more attention by the hour. Just last week, it was number 1 on U.S’s Top 10 Netflix watch list. The show is about a bunch of people who fall in love with someone they have never met before through pods. Oh but the pods are cozy though. During this, they are not allowed to see one another but just communicate. Hence just trying to prove the fact that “love is blind”. On the show, we see couples evolve from strangers in pods, to fiancés in Mexico and then moving in and finally, getting married. All in just 40 days! Wow! However, even in this ‘reality’ series, one comes to wonder about the same question, is it real or scripted?

Is Love is Blind scripted or real?

Alright so, the overwhelming adorable moments are just to die for. Like when the couples meet for the first time and as they prepare for weddings etc. And as the producer, Chris Coelen tells Entertainment weekly,

As a producer I was kind of nervous like, is anybody actually gonna get engaged? Is anyone going to make it to the altar? And, in the end, we actually had more couples get engaged than we were able to follow on the show.

Oh, fun fact: The show had 2 more couples engaged that they couldn’t follow.

With Coelen’s words, it does seem as though their plan was not scripted.

So, could it be that love was actually blind?

Nearing the end half of the show, Netflix’s Love is Blind producers ask certain questions to contestants to ‘spice up’ the drama and keep the show going. Which, is very cynical but, who can say what is what? It’s all about the ratings, after all.

The entire premise of the show is based on an experiment, which if sabotaged, could lead to unprecedented audience responses.

One thing that does stand out in this entire show that highlights that it may have been scripted is: The contestants, when answering questions directly to the screen, are in the same space and in the same clothes, 90% of the time. Only a few exceptions being the engagement and the wedding. So, either they carried the same outfit and set around through the whole show or, it was a scripted thing. Okay, maybe not entirely scripted but, shot in one go at the beginning. Since well, those are the outfits the contestants are seen wearing on the first day.

No matter if it’s scripted or not, it still is very popular!

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