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Aaron Carter’s OnlyFans Subscribers Are Disappointed

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Aaron Carter, the child-star from the late 90s, is still making headlines. But y’all know the reasons. After giving his fans a whiplash by his dating life, Aaron is currently settled with Melanie Martin, an ex-bartender. Yeah, she has left the job and moved in with Aaron just after dating for a few weeks. While many people believed the duo wouldn’t survive long like Aaron’s 2-day relationship with Jenna Shea, he proved it otherwise. In fact, the couple just came back from their Amsterdam vacation and they are back to live streaming their life on YouTube & Instagram. What they are not doing is: post something meaningful for their OnlyFans subscribers. And fans are disappointed.

Aaron Carter & Melanie Martin’s OnlyFans

If you do not know about it, then you are not a true Aaron Carter fan. (or anti-fan). A little rewind of how their OnlyFans account came into being, some people suggested Aaron Carter to set up a room for Melanie Martin after they announced that she is moving in with him. The room setup was for her, to do her thing. [something related to adult photoshoot etc]. In fact, Aaron confirmed that he already has a room set up for her.

But he was not going to let her use that room herself. Probably taking a little ‘business idea’ from his ex-friend-with-benefits Trisha Paytas, Aaron Carter decided to join the OnlyFans. And he upped the game by saying that he and Melanie will be posting their intimate you-know-what. Here’s what the homepage looks like:

Aaron Carter OnlyFans

The username says Aaron Carter & the account says, Aaron and Melanie. There are 27 posts, 17 photos and 4 videos on the said link. But we don’t know the details as we are not an OnlyFans fan. So, 27 posts, 17 photos, and 4 videos, but still fans are not happy. Why?

Subscribers Are Disappointed

Aaron Carter is not posting much on his OnlyFans. Even though he has a subscription fee, people say he is still posting locked photos. And you have to pay extra for these photos.


They even started questioning why is he spending all of the hard-earned money already.


Jenny B does good research:

There are some tweets that cannot be shared here. However, we can confirm that the Tweeted screenshots say Aaron is charging $125 for a picture of his private parts. Whereas; the monthly subscribers are not getting much data in return.

In fact, things are taking a very different turn now.


Do you guys think he’s really going to do that?

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