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Gabbie Show’s New Single Breaks Records

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Popular YouTuber, Gabbie Hanna or more commonly known as TheGabbieShow just dropped a new single. And it has already topped the charts in all genres.

On August 15th, TheGabbieShow’s new single titled Honestly dropped out.This single is a part of the double release which includes an encore version of the song. This has to be TheGabbieShow’s third track. Previously, her debut single Out Loud and its followup Satellite were released last year.

TheGabbieShow’s recent single Honesty runs for a whole 5 minutes. It has a few interesting twists. But they come off as no surprise as the Youtuber already gave the hints on Instagram. In a post, she said that the song has a few unexpected turns. According to Hannah, the new single Honesty is for anybody who has been manipulated in their life or even lied to or gaslighted. In fact, according to TheGabbieShow the song is also for people who have ever been associated with narcissists or are made to feel that they are crazy.

What’s even more exciting for the YouTube sensations, TheGabbieShow is that her song has already topped the charts. One day into the release and Honestly and its encore version were both number 1 and number 2 across all genres. TheGabbieShow itself shared this news with the fans on her Instagram. In the same post, she expressed her love, gratitude and pride at this honor. And also thanked all her fans for their endless support and feedback. TheGabbieShow even added that she had been watching people’s reactions all day long.

Previously, TheGabbieShow shared on her Instagram she filmed the music video earlier in the week. And she also acknowledged the help of director Ryan Parma, choreographer Megan Batoon, dancers Helene Britany, Julia Oste, Dalton Shooks and Jake Brandorff, and many others.

As soon as TheGabbieShow shared the video to her channel, fans and other YouTubers started commenting their support for her talent. Other YouTubers have described her video and lyrics to be perfect. And a great example of how she explains a difficult yet relatable subject with such perfection.

Ever since, the albums came out, people have been expressing their love for TheGabbieShow on Twitter.

With her latest album topping the charts, TheGabbieShow is certainly becoming more popular than she ever was!

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