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Ben Affleck Says That Justice League Was Problematic

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The former Dark Knight star, Ben Affleck has revealed his mixed feelings about playing in the superhero crossover movie Justice League. Although the DC fans welcomed the star’s role as Batman, there were setbacks while filming the superhero team-up movie, creating a difficult experience for everyone. Although Affleck did not go much into detail about what went wrong, he did mention that Zack Snyder‘s departure was a problem. Perhaps because of these troubles, the movie did not fare well in the box office, receiving a lot of criticism after its release.

What Did Ben Affleck Say About Justice League

The former Batman star Affleck was speaking to GQ when he told all this. He told that he had a better time playing in his debut DC movie alongside Superman in Dawn of Justice. However, he would not say the same for the Justice League.

“I had a better time on Batman v Superman, which I really enjoyed doing. And Justice League was, unfortunately, touched by some personal tragedy and death in Zack’s family and, like I say, sometimes things work and gel and sometimes they just seem to be having one problem after another. I really loved Batman v Superman and [writer] Chris [Terrio] wrote on it and I really love Zack and I loved putting on the costume, the idea of doing the digital alteration to the voice was really interesting to me, and I had a good time.

Affleck then talked about the time he spent in Detroit for the movie. He found it to be a fun city and a “cool place”. He said that his kids also came out to visit him while he was in the Batsuit. Later, the filmmakers let him borrow the suit for his son’s birthday. Ben Affleck is a great dad and this just proves it. Don’t you think?

Zack Snyder’s leaving meant Joss Whedon had to take over to complete production and helm reshoots. Ben Affleck along with others continue to hope that the original cut, the Zack Snyder cut, could somehow release. That would really please the fans.

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