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Dua Lipa Releases Let’s Get Physical Workout video

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Earlier, we saw a less interactive and relatively basic music video for Dua Lipa’s song ‘Physical’ from her upcoming album ‘Future Nostalgia.’ Well, we now have a full-on aerobics class in the form of a super cool music video. You can forget about the gym now, just turn up the music, and start following Dua’s steps for fitness. We love this new video and we have to talk about it today as we share it with you. Keep reading.

Dua Lipa Lets Get Physical work-out video

The new music video for the workout remix is inspired by the ’80s where the singer leads an aerobics class, old school style. Dua Lipa stars as a Jazzercise instructor wearing a yellow bodysuit with matching socks.

There are neon and vibrant colors, fun tracksuits, and workout buddies named Ginger Snap, Good Ol’ Steve, Chitter & Chad, Extra-Va, Bruce the Juice, Sunny & Delight, Tardy B & Upset, and Shay & Dee. It has hip thrusts inspired by that Eric Prydz video from 2004. And the Fonda; the famous wink and nod referring to Jane Fonda. More moves like Step Back Step Touch,  Rump Shaker, and Crybaby are also incorporated in the workout video.

And yes, the song makes a reference to Olivia Newton John’s hit single, when it says “let’s get physical.”

And there is merch

As mentioned, the apparel in the video is really cool. Dua Lipa’s’ gym suit and socks merchandise is available for sale for $39.95 and 19.95 respectively.

She goes through the entire exercise routine with backgrounder dancers and their own moves. They are also sporting various accessories like t-shirts, sweat-bands and water bottles. This merch is also available for purchase for $24.95, $10.95 and $19.95.

You can buy the merch here.

More bucket hats and bodysuits are featured too, in an anime version. These are part of Dua Lipa’s’ Future Nostalgia collection.

The music video

The music video is literally a 5-minute body workout. The song is catchy, beats are good. All you need to do is start following Dua Lipa who is your instructor. The moves are easy and fun to groove along to. So you can start a fun musical exercise right away.

Watch the workout video here:

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