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Cast of Breaking Bad Reunite for Charity Organizations

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Breaking Bad’s favorite characters reunite to do some charity! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul come together to help children across the world. The two actors are going to be cooking with you and talking about your favorite show. This is for the Omaze campaign which is striving to raise awareness and hence funds for two very important charities.

Omaze: Charitable Fundraising

Omaze is this unique company that gives charity organizations working for important causes a chance to raise funds using once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s a little unconventional because it gives those who donate special incentives to make a contribution. Perhaps, just doing it for the sake of doing a good deed wouldn’t have created that many funds. No doubt that Omaze can create more awareness using mainstream celebrities such as Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. Since the show was extremely popular, a lot of people would be aware of such important issues and might even contribute.

Charity Organizations

The charity organizations that the cast members of Breaking Bad will be helping are the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NMEC) and The Kind Campaign. The NCMEC strives to find missing children, decrease the sexual exploitation of children and prevent such acts occurring in the future. The organization helps in the prevention of crimes against children. Apart from that, they also provide the necessary resources to help the victims and their families to get back on a normal life path. They have recovered up to 260,000 missing children and run a 24/7 hotline (1-800-THE-LOST) and CyberTipline. These are mediums people can use to inform them of any suspicious activity which may harm children.

The second Kind Campaign is a global nonprofit organization that is working towards ending negative bullying of girls by girls. It works towards making girls kinder to each other and create a positive and healthy environment where they can flourish. With the funding, they can provide resources to all educational institutions to ensure this happens on the ground root level.

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Raise Awareness

Aaron Paul just shared a video on his Instagram talking about how he and Bryan Cranston will yet again be cooking in the RV and that we can join them! The two seem to have gone back in their characters and the chemistry we saw on the screen almost 10 years ago is back. They added in-jokes and gimmicks that made us fall in love with them again.  Bryan Cranston even joked up about being in the Illuminati. So they are essentially using the brand they created through Breaking Bad to do some good for these charity organizations.

It’s truly wonderful to see mainstream celebrities using their platforms to constantly try making the world a better place. These two actors took their own time and effort for such a special cause. They weren’t even promoting any show or movie. They were simply promoting charitable work and raising awareness of these charity organizations that are helping the world.

If you sign up for the Omaze campaign, they will fly you over to LA to hang out with these two and cook some delicious dinners. You can do that by going to omaze.com/breakingbad!

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