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Justin Bieber Goes Undercover At The Friends Set

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So Justin Bieber has been gracing us with his appearance on every episode between March 3, 2020, and March 6, 2020, on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. In the last one, which was being hosted by Demi Lovato, he decided to do something different.

Justin Bieber surprises fans on F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

The Warner Brothers studio is a stop for everyone who is a fan of the legendary show. No surprise that it’s Justin Bieber’s as well. So he went there. But with motives unknown to many. Well, other than the mischievous and creative staff at Ellen’s, he dressed up as a tour guide in a uniform with fake hair and mustache. Yeah, this is how he played with his fans scurrying around on the sets of Friends.

He stood there to take photos of the fans visiting Central Perk. And did weird things with them. The whole purpose of pranking right? He asked some to sing Smelly Cat along with him. With one couple he did the act of fluffing cushions and asked one couple to kiss for his camera. However, to most of the fans, Justin Bieber revealed his identity. But for one couple, his pranks remained as -weird tour guide being weird.

Later Team Ellen invited the couple to the show. It was when they realized that they had been pranked. Justin Bieber asked them “you really had no idea”. And they said that they really had no idea. To which he further asked them to honestly tell him how cool or weird did they find him. Their answer was both. Ellen DeGeneres the queen of pranks has orchestrated such things before as well. She took her dear friend Rachel, I mean Jennifer Aniston to the sets as well. And she sure did give the best memories to her fans visiting Central Perk.

Watch the video here:

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