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Premier League Football Live On Amazon Prime: The future?

Does the future of watching Soccer matches lie in streaming services?

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The Premier League is one of the biggest football/soccer competitions in the world. Now, no other league can compete with it in terms of popularity. Last December, however, that popularity took an interesting turn. Amazon live-streamed 20 league matches of the 19/20 season on Prime Video, and things might never be the same again!

Whether you call it football or soccer depends upon whether you live in North America or outside of it. But we’ll just stick to football for this article.

3-year deal with the Premier League

Premier League Soccer Live On Amazon Prime: The future?
Amazon Prime

As of right now, Amazon has a 3-year deal with the Premier League to stream 20 matches of every season. This deal is worth a total of $118 million (90 million pounds) and will cover matches on boxing day and mid-week games only. Moreover, Amazon played it safe with this deal by hiring popular pundits and commentators. It seems like this is a field they took great interest in.

At first glance, these might seem like a small number of matches. However, it is a massive step in the right direction.

There is a massive potential for Streaming Services in Football

The Premier League currently has a commercial broadcasting deal of 3.1 billion pounds per year! This is a staggering image, but it would pale in comparison to the potential of OTT services. OTT services are paid streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. With Amazon finally giving English Football a try, it might be the start of something revolutionary. This is because it will allow the Premier League to provide direct OTT services to billions of fans around the world. Each Premier League club currently earns 135 million pounds per season through broadcasting. With OTT services taking charge, that revenue could jump to 1 billion pounds per club!

Moreover, this will allow the massive fan base of the league across the world with easy access to matches. Many millions of people currently have to use illegal streaming services to watch their favorite clubs. With a worldwide streaming service, fans could have easy access to their favorite content, which is all they want!

Tifo football described the potential of OTT streaming wonderfully in their video:

The Promised Land

Maybe, someday in the future, football fans would be able to access an OTT service. There they can have access to all their favorite football leagues around the world, and all the content they love. It has become a reality when it comes to movies. But, there’s no harm in dreaming now is there?

We hope other OTT services like Netflix follow Amazon’s footsteps and fulfill this dream of every football fan around the world.

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