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You can be in Lauv’s Modern Loneliness Music Video

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Lauv released his debut album, ‘How I’m Feeling’ on March 6th. If you guys haven’t already heard it, the album has 21 tracks. Out of which, all 21 bring a new take to emotions in the 21st century. In January, while talking to MTV News, he told them that he got the name of the most meaningful song on his album on his arm. So, what song is that? Modern Day Loneliness. He released the song as a single about two weeks before the release of his album. However, Lauv is planning to shoot the music video on March 15 and he wants you to feature in it!

Lauv wants to reconnect you with your loved ones in Modern Day Loneliness.

So, Lauv puts an offer out for his fans in LA.

ok so here’s the deal, shooting the modern day loneliness mv on March 15 in la and want it to be about turning strangers into friends and reconnecting with ppl you havent seen/spoken to in a long time. I’m gonna be bringing a bunch of you out, so if you can make it, go to the link to submit ur story. Its going to be a beautiful and emotional day. Tears will be shed. Smiles will be shared. And friends will be made. See u there x

Since Lauv cannot tend to his fans all over the world, the offer sticks to people who are able to make it to LA on the 15th of March.

All you have to do is, go onto lauvsongs.com/moderndayloneliness/

There you will find a short form to fill out with your contact details and a box about who you want to reconnect with and why. The whole deal is pretty great. You can reconnect with someone you lost touch with, reconcile mistakes and, probably would get to meet Lauv!

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