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Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck Spotted together In Havana

Could this be another romance in the making?

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Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas have been spotted together at a club in Havana! Normally, two stars hanging out wouldn’t be big news. But in this case, things are different. Both of them are starring in lead roles in Disney’s upcoming film “Deep Water”. Therefore, many have reason to believe that the two might be dating each other!

Any chance of them dating?

The two actors have been involved in the shooting of “Deep Water”, which wrapped filming a few weeks ago. Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas were out in Havana as a gateway and were seen in multiple clubs and restaurants. Maybe this could be an indication that the two might be involved? Affleck was quite happy in the pictures he took with fans. That is particularly amazing, considering the difficulties he faced recently.

Ben Affleck’s Divorce

The star has recently opened up about his divorce with Jennifer Garner and how it was the biggest regret of his life. His career took a few unwelcoming turns too, as he quit the role of Batman from the DCEU. Things might have looked grim for him a few months ago, but they might be taking a turn for him! And maybe, Ana De Armas might be one of those reasons too.

Ana De Armas – the up and coming sensation

Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck Spotted together In Havana. To star in "Deep Water"

Ana De Armas has been in the news, for all the good reasons. Her stellar performance as Marta Cabrera in “Knives Out” earned her a lot of praise. Her previous role as Joi in “Blade Runner 2049” wasn’t short of surprises too! Therefore, she is the go-to star for Hollywood right now. One of her next projects is with Affleck himself, called “Deep Water”.

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“Deep Water”

It is due to release in November of 2020 and is a Disney production. Both Affleck and Armas will star in this film, and it has an interesting premise. According to IMDB, it is about “A well-to-do husband who allows his wife to have affairs in order to avoid a divorce becomes a prime suspect in the disappearance of her lovers”. Director Adrian Lyne is famous for his explicit films, therefore we shouldn’t expect any different from “Deep Water”.

Let’s hope this romance ends up being good for the two stars. There is nothing cuter than a budding romance, and maybe it’ll help in the chemistry between the two in their films together!

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