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CoronaVirus Spreading In Pets?

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 News of CoronaVirus affecting a dog is making headlines in the city of Hong Kong. This is quite an alarming information for pet owners. While there is no proof if the virus can be transferred from animals to humans, they can still be carriers.

News of Dog Carrying CoronaVirus

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the city of Hong Kong first collected samples from the dog (whose owner was affected by COVID-19) on the 26th of February. They found minor levels of the CoronaVirus in its mouth and nose. The dog was repeatedly tested for a couple of days. Consequently, the results showed a weak positive for COVID-19.

Specialists from the departments of “The College Of Veterinary Medicine And Life Sciences” of  Hong Kong along with a number of other veterinary organizations gathered together to resolve the issue. And with one mind they came to this conclusion. The COVID-19 virus is transmitted from the human-to-animal contact.

Though the dog is not showing any signs of coughing or sneezing, It is still under observation by the animal keeping facility at The Hong Kong Port. The department will be monitoring the dog suffering from the weak CoronaVirus on a daily basis. Moreover, tests will be repeated until the result comes out as negative. After that, the dog can return home.

Precautions which can surely save your pets from COVID-19:

The AFCD department has strictly given advice to the COVID-19 patients not to make close contact with their pet animals. The pets should immediately be sent to the AFCD facilities in case they show any symptoms of the virus. (especially coughing and sneezing). One of the representatives from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department asked the pet owners to keep a close check on their hygiene. The representative further mentioned that there is no proof if the pet animals can transfer the CoronaVirus to other animals or humans. They just need to maintain a proper hygienic environment. No one should leave their pets high and dry under the circumstances.

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