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Dane Cook Address His 27 Year Old Age Gap With Girlfriend

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Popular actor Dane Cook has been going out with Kelsi Taylor. The Good Luck Chuck actor is 46 years old. But his girlfriend Kelsi Taylor is just 19 years of age. While people were raising serious questions about their age gap, Dane Cook decided to address them all.

On Monday, Dane Cook did a question and answer session on his Instagram story. During the session, he answered almost everything. Dane Cook explained how he met Taylor for the first time. It was during a game night he hosted at his place. The couple began as friends and started liking each other soon. But later the feelings upgraded to love. He acknowledged everything about her personality that made him love her. As per the star, Kelsi Taylor is not just smart and kind but also creative, loyal and honest to him.

When addressing the wide age gap between the two, Dane Cook also advised other couples who face the same concerns. He said the only thing to do was plan that their deaths would be somewhat far apart from each other’s. He also shared that the age gap barely affects their relationship. It’s mostly the families who would question such a bond. But Taylor’s family loves Dane Cook. And most of his family is already dead.

The couple has been fairly open about their relationship.Considering the age gap and the comments that it would attract from society, their public display of love for each other is worth applauding.

Kelsi Taylor has frequently posted pictures with Dane Cook. In one such post, she even referred to him as her man.

My man by my side + some good food inside. #bothyummy

A post shared by kelsi taylor (@itskelsitaylor) on

On their first anniversary together, Cook also posted a picture along with a caption appreciating his girlfriend.

Does the age gap really matter?

Even when Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor are not bothered with a wide age gap between them, everybody does not seem to have the same opinion. A lot of people question relationships like these.

However, is it really that much of an issue? Apparently, having a huge age gap in relationships is considered controversial. But maybe that does not even matter. As long as the couple develops a mutual understanding, respect and love for one another, age remains just a number. Such romantic relationships are often targeted with social disapproval. But does anybody actually need the approval of society before falling in love? Probably not. And it’s majorly because trust, friendship, and attraction come without boundaries. Especially those defined by numbers.

Recently, age gaps are becoming less important for couples. And that is not just because we are opening up our mentalities as a society. But also because more women search for older partners. That brings maturity, responsibility, and financial stability as older men seem to be more developed and stable.

However, it’s still a long journey before relationships with a wide age gap stop receiving raised eyebrows. A lot of men who find younger partners are commonly labelled as perverts in society. And a lot of relationships with the wide age gap do not fall on the same level. Considering that the partners are at different mental ages and are less experienced, reaching common grounds is often difficult.

The age gap might be a great deal to a lot but to others, it does not even count. Eventually, it’s just the couple itself who determines their happiness. Age, money and society are all secondary. In cases like Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor, they are probably too involved in one another to care about their different ages.

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