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Debra Messing Stands with Joe Biden

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As we all know that the US presidential elections are around the corner, the entire country is in a frenzy. This madness has also engulfed Hollywood. Recently, Will and Grace actress, Debra Messing came forward in support of Democratic Party’s Joe Biden.

Former vice president, Joe Biden announced to run for president in April 2019

In 1972, Joe Biden was elected for the US Senate in Delaware. He became the sixth youngest senator in US history. From 1972 to 2009, he represented Delaware in the US senate. However, his political career skyrocketed when he became the vice president under Obama’s presidency. His first term started in 2009 and ended in 2013. Meanwhile, the second term lasted till 2017. Biden has criticized Trump many times and even suggested that he should grow up and should concentrate on the office instead of tweeting. In April 2019, he announced that he will run for president and chose Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for his campaign headquarters.

There is a long list of Hollywood celebrities who are supporting Biden

Celebrities are always very vocal about their political representatives. Similarly, Joe Biden has many celebrities with him. From Cher to Debra Messing, Biden has a strong support system within Hollywood. Apart from these celebrities, actor Tom Hanks, Olympic medalist, Michelle Kwan, Jane Lynch, Alec Baldwin, and author George R.R. Martin are standing behind him.

Recently, Debra Messing shared why she stands with Biden

In a series of tweets, Will and Grace actress, Debra Messing shared all the reasons why she supports this candidate. She tweeted:

I AM FOR JOE BIDEN. Here’s why -Joe is a UNIFIER

-SC shows that the African American community, which has always been the heart and soul of the Dem Party, trusts Joe.

-Joe has NEVER voted to protect gun manufacturers instead of our children.

Furthermore, Debra Messing said:

-Joe believes in science.

-Joe’s health care plan builds on Obamacare with an affordable public option

-Biden will passionately campaign for Democratic candidates running for Senate/MOC AND I believe with Biden our down ballot Dems will be most protected.

Just a few more months and then the world will be introduced to the next president of the US. Let’s see who wins this time!

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