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James Charles shares he’s been queerbaited multiple times

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James Charles is the popular YouTuber who was canceled on the internet when Tati Westbrook exposed him to manipulating straight men into dating or hooking up with him. After the internet canceled him, James Charles came back and cleared things up. He showed all the screenshots of the conversations that Tati was talking about. Furthermore, Charles did apologize and promised to do better. Recently, the YouTuber has shared that people have been queerbaiting him multiple times. That means straight people manipulate LGBTQ members into thinking they are gay for their own personal gains.

James Charles is a victim of Queerbaiting

Someone on TikTok named T Dubs attempted to ‘expose’ James Charles as what appears to be a joke.

Sebastian Williams, a tea channel on YouTube, called out this behavior:

The channel said that this person joined ‘Bachelor of James’. This was something James did to try to spice up his dating life possibly or just have fun. But this person, who is straight, entered the contest and then got offended when James Charles responded!

Now, James Charles himself saw this and further enlightened Twitter on how people continuously queerbait him:

This happens weekly at this point. Some guy slides in my DMs or matches with me claiming they’re interested, we talk for a few days, & once they have enough recorded content for a tik tok or tweet, they post it & claim they’re straight. It’s queerbaiting and it’s pathetic.

So, straight people are pretending to be queer and gay just so they can get content for their social media profiles and YouTube channels and/or TikToks. This is a highly manipulative behavior if you ask me.

Dating life for Gay influencers

It’s no mystery that dating is difficult. But add to the fact that you’re a popular gay YouTuber and everyone knows about you, it makes it ten times harder. James Charles always has to have his guard up because he doesn’t know whether people flirting with him are genuinely interested in him or the popularity he brings.

Many people nowadays just want to get famous on the internet and for that, they don’t mind ruining with people’s emotions. It’s easy to vilify celebrities on every little mistake because they seem powerful. But in reality, they are just humans who can get hurt despite their fame and fortune. After the James Charles Tati Westbrook scandal broke out, James admitted in an interview with Joey Graceffa that he was actually suicidal.

Perhaps we should focus more on the fact that there is a person behind the camera.

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