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Kevin Bacon & Tan France Play Passwords With Jimmy Fallon

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon gives us a daily dose of laughter thanks to the many segments brimming with celebrities. Recently, our favorites were on the show playing passwords. Kevin Bacon is a 61-year-old American actor and musician. You must have seen one of his works like Footloose, JFK, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, or Mystic River. Tan France is a 36-year-old British fashion designer, author, and TV personality. Tariq Trotter is a 48-year-old American rapper and is a lead MC of The Roots.

Kevin Bacon, Tan France, Tariq Trotter play passwords

Jimmy Fallon sat down with his celebrity guests to play passwords. They formed two teams. Jimmy and Tan France teamed up and Kevin Bacon and Tariq Trotter paired up. Basically, one member of the team had to make the other person guess the password by giving only a hint. If one team failed, the other team had to do the same thing.

In the first round, Jimmy Fallon had to make Tan France guess the word “Shrimp”. For the clue, Jimmy decided to say “Scampi”. The dish “Shrimp Scampi”. Unfortunately, Tan came up with the wrong answer “Crustacean”, which is also a Shrimp by the way. While the guesswork moved to the other team, Tan realized the answer was actually the simple one. Tariq guessed the answer quickly.
In the next round, Tariq had to make Kevin Bacon guess the word “Madonna”. He clued him with “Virgin”, Madonna’s song, but the answer came as “Marry”. Tan France, was given with a clue “Vogue”, and he guessed it right away.
In the tie-breaking round, Jimmy had to guess “Robot” with a British clue “Wars”. Jimmy replied with Closet Wars and now it was Tariq’s turn to make Kevin guess. He gave him the clue “R2-D2” and Kevin Bacon couldn’t get it. Now Jimmy knew what it was thanks to Tariq’s Star Wars reference and the additional clue by Tan, “Machine”. Jimmy guessed and they won and hugged a lot to celebrate their win.
You can enjoy the video below:

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