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Safaree Accuses Nicki Minaj of Killing Him!

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Rapper Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels has launched some pretty wild allegations on Twitter. She has responded to them with her own claims. And the two are posting their grievances online in a messy Twitter exchange.

Safaree has accused Nicki Minaj of stabbing him with a knife. He recalled the details in his tweet saying that he almost died. And the police and ambulance took him on a stretcher. But he lied to them saying he had attempted to take his own life. Just so that Nicki Minaj would not get arrested and that when things like that start happening, it’s considered the time to dip.

Responding to Safaree’s tweet, Nicki Minaj said that he stole her card and thought it was an account with free money and that God will surely bring him down for lying. She further added that his claims of packing and leaving are false. But instead he begged her to take him to Europe and she refused. In another tweet, the rapper said that she had witnesses who can tell that Safaree came up to her house crying. And she asked him to apologize now for all his false claims.

In other recent tweets, the former couple has continuously denied the charges they added on each other. Safaree claims that he never used her credit card for prostitutes and he even went on to say that Nicki Minaj messed around with her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill when they were going out. Safaree added that their relationship was purely toxic and that he never wants to get back together with her.

Previously, Nicki Minaj appeared on a radio interview and talked about her relationship with Safaree. She also discussed what it was like to be a female rapper and deal with ghostwriting accusations. Apparently, Nicki Minaj is accused of hiring writers to write her rap songs. And Safaree was considered one of them. But both of them deny doing any of it and are particularly defensive about the whole situation.

After the whole twitter feud reached its peak, Nicki Minaj decided to go for more positive vibes. She said that she wanted to switch back the focus from Safaree. And shared details about her music albums. She talked about the success of Queen and the great mood she was in.

That’s the end of the story that fans got to hear from Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuel.

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