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Aaron Carter Forces Melanie Martin To Get His Name Tattooed?

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Aaron Carter and his girlfriend Melanie Martin are going strong. The couple faced criticism when they started dating. Mostly, people wanted Melanie out of Aaron’s life because they believed that she will face the same fate as Jenna Shea. If you guys do not know it yet or need a refresher, Aaron Carter dated Jenna Shea, an escort, for a couple of days. Many people still believe that was a *paid promotion* and the two were not really dating. However, it turns out that Aaron is actually dating Melanie as she has already moved in with him. Though their Instagram feed seems all lovey-dovey, many fans reported that Aaron forced Melanie to get a tattoo of his name. That does not seem right at all.

Aaron Carter forced Melanie Martin for a tattoo

The process of tattooing any part of your body seems very painful, especially for the beginners. However, once you get the experience, you might not stop at one tattoo only. Aaron Carter himself has multiple tattoos on his body parts, including a Rihanna-inspired one on his face. Though that did not come out like it was expected to be. After some months, Aaron has finally gotten that tattoo fixed from another tattoo artist. He broadcasted the procedure LIVE.

What got the attention of the viewers was, the caption on the video. It said Melanie Martin is next. That means Melanie Martin was supposed to be the next person in the room to get the tattoo.

Melanie Martin can be heard saying that she is freaked out and she does not want to get a tattoo. However, the tattoo guy calls her out on not-doing-it for Aaron. The tattoo artist even says that Aaron got her name tattooed but she is not reciprocating the gesture. And it does sound like bullying or pressurizing. But since they were all not in front of the camera, we could not see her face and analyze how much pressurized she was.

So, did she do it?

Yes, she did. Melanie Martin was scared. She was literally freaked out and all she wanted to do what just to get a little idea of how tattooing feels like. Both Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin did not address the tattoo thing for many hours. That left a cliffhanger for their fans until the couple went LIVE on YouTube @ LMG TV (Aaron Carter’s YouTube channel).

So this just happened a couple of hours before:


Melanie’s voice sounds unsure though she is trying to prove that she is excited to get the tattoo. That tattoo is on her left arm. We might get to see that Aaron Carter special tattoo on Melanie’s arm in a couple of days. But currently, he does not want to show it to the world. And this person predicted it already:

Aaron Carter is allegedly in don’t-show-it-baby mode at the moment. Even though they did show it at the end of the getting-tattooed-video. Melanie Martin was screaming with pain and she wanted Aaron to mute the LIVE because she couldn’t control cursing.

It did sound bad but the tattoo artist said: “I’m sorry Melanie” when he was almost done with the tattoo. And once it was done, Melanie said it stings but she seemed fine.

Were the tattoos even legal?

The tattoo artist arranged by Aaron Carter at his home was definitely a licensed artist. And as per the couple, he did a good job inking them. However, since we all are aware that many BSB fans keep a constant look at the estranged, controversial younger brother of Nick Carter, someone figured out that it is illegal to get tattoos done at your home. in California

Melanie Martin’s fans are worried that she is making a mistake by submitting to Aaron Carter. They have even claimed that she is not even allowed to go out for coffee unless Aaron gives her permission to do so. There are LIVE videos of the couple’s conversation available on YouTube channel.


Aaron Carter has already made Melanie quit her job. And he has confirmed in a video that he is paying $5000 allowance to her to make up for whatever she wants to get.

Here is a look at the tattoos Aaron Carter & Melanie Martin got together.

aaron carter

Melanie Martin Tattoo

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