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A Star Wars Game Is Coming Soon, Teases PlayStation Network Online

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It seems like a new Star Wars online game is coming, and it might just be around the corner. An unannounced project is in the works, called Star Wars: Project Maverick, PlayStation Network tells. While there we do not have much to go on about regarding the details of the game, we can talk about the poster at least. It features a star destroyer with several X-Wing starfighters.

PSN Talks Reveals A New Star Wars Game

As you can see, the unveiling comes from a Twitter bot that scrapes the PlayStation Network for new additions. After finding something, it will post the picture on its Twitter platform. The picture the bot picked up is mostly red and black and captions it with Project Maverick. Several X-Wings are heading towards a Star Destroyer.

Apart from this Star Wars game, other titles were revealed online as well. Final Fantasy VII Remake and Resident Evil 3 remake, the games that saw their revelation happen on Twitter. For now, we all are equally confused about what is going on inside Disney’s franchise. This does not mean that this picture can be fake. It means that we simply do not have any information attached to it in any way. Hence, we all look towards the game developers to tell us more about it.

The Star Wars game revealed online can even just be some DLC to the recent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Perhaps it might be something new and different entirely? What if Star Wars is a releasing a battle royale just like Fornite?

Interestingly, we do not even know which online platform will this Star Wars game be coming on. What if it is for PlayStation VR exclusive? With official release date and information not yet available, fans can only theorize. And so, we await any announcement from the Star Wars franchise itself.

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