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The Suicide Squad Halts Production as James Gunn’s Dog Dies

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If you’re a pet person and have had several pets in the past, then I’m sure you’ve also had “that” pet. The one who was above all the rest and who might have been above most people you know. Unfortunately, it’s part of everyone’s life to one day say goodbye to those pets. Like so many us, Director of Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn also had to bid farewell to one of his most near and dear pets. James Gunn’s dog passed away recently.

James Gunn’s glorious dog died during the production of The Suicide Squad. The director of the large franchise put a stop to the film’s production and flew back across miles to put him to rest. James was four thousand miles away in Panama in the middle of the movies’ shoot when he decided to go back home to his pet and hold him when he passes away.

Gunn was very popular in Hollywood

James posted photos of his precious dog with a heartfelt remembrance message on his Instagram. The dog was seventeen years old when he died. He wasn’t a young dog and lived a fulfilling life. Looks like the two were inseparable. Gunn says he took him to several movie sets where he became friendly with many movie stars. There has been an outpouring and love for the dog and Gunn himself. Many actors who knew Wesley like Karen Gillan, Seth Green, and Steve Agee, sent their love.

It’s great James Gunn was allowed to go back to his home

Usually, we see Hollywood as a large, insensitive machine. But it is nice to see everyone involved agreed to pause the production of an expensive, blockbuster and let James Gunn go to spend time with his ailing dog. Also, it is incredibly warm that even people at Warner Bros. let the movie production pause so Gunn could take care of the family.

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