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Harry Styles Drops Bombshells On Howard Stern’s Show

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Harry Styles has been making a name for himself ever since he started his solo career. Starting with a self-titled album to releasing a second one titled, Fine Line, Styles has been crushing it at the charts lately.

He recently appeared on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show where he dropped some bombshells about his music, One Direction, being robbed at knife-point, ex Taylor Swift and more.


Harry Styles On Being Robbed At Knife Point

Harry revealed that it was Valentine’s Day when he was walking home from a friend’s place. He noticed a group of guys, about 7-8, with their hoods down their faces. They started following him until they caught up to him. They asked him if they could talk to him. And then they asked him if he wanted some weed. Harry Styles said no. To which they asked what he had on him at that moment. He had some cash so he gave it to them. And then they noticed his earphones plugged into his phone so they asked for it. Harry tried to give it to them but they wanted him to unlock it which he obviously didn’t want to do.

At that moment he saw the lights of some cars and seizing the opportunity, sprinted onto the road. The cars didn’t let him in but by then he was away from the guys so he just kept sprinting all the way to his village. They had a bit of cash so they didn’t follow him.

Harry Styles filed a police report and cleared it in the show that it was actually a group of guys. As opposed to the one guy the police report had mentioned.

Watch him tell the entire story here.

On Ex Taylor Swift Writing Songs About Him

Harry Styles shared he thinks it’s flattering when someone writes songs about him, even if the song itself isn’t flattering.

“You still spent time on it and ultimately, using Taylor as an example, she’s a great songwriter. So, at least they’re good songs,” he said.

On A Rumoured Collab With Adele

When asked if he and Adele are working on a duet together since they were spotted vacationing together, Harry denied it.

“I feel like that’s just any time two musicians hang out. Either they’re dating or they’re recording together,” Harry said.

Harry Styles On Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction

Harry Styles was asked what he thought of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction back in 2015. And he revealed he doesn’t think it was something Zayn shouldn’t have done. Harry thinks looking back at it now, the last thing he would’ve wanted was for Zayn to stay when he didn’t want to. Which is why Harry feels like he can’t condemn it. It’s just not how he feels. From a sweetheart like Harry Styles, that’s just the kind of thing we’d expect.

He does, however, wish Zayn would’ve told them before making the decision to leave in the middle of the tour.

“Yeah I think it was a shame, it like was in a tour, if he has come to us and maybe kind of discussed it a little more we might have found a way to do it a little smoother, but ultimately if you don’t want to be there, you don’t want to be there,” Harry Styles said when asked if Zayn could’ve handled it better.

Harry Styles also agreed with Howard when he said Zayn had a commitment to the people who had purchased tickets for the concerts and a duty to be professional while making this decision.

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