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Paris Hilton is my Mentor, Says Tana Mongeau while Answering Burning Questions

The Q&A session on Paris Hilton's YouTube channel seemed more like a "Gushing over each other" session

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Paris Hilton and Tana Mongeau answer burning questions in this latest video by Electrify Perfume owner. It’s unlike Ellen Degeneres’ Burning Questions but still fun. Jake Paul’s ex accompanied Hilton in a Q&A session hosted on Paris’s YouTube channel(339k subscribers). Tana has previously called the heiress “a MENTOR for Ho-s like me” and the two gush over each other again.

Paris Hilton and Tana Mongeau hitting on each other?

The video starts with a lot of touching and praising by Paris Hilton. At one point the touching got a bit too far and Tana Mongeau laughed it off. Then there was more touching until Hilton’s dog Diamond and cat Munchkin showed up. The heiress then can be seen fixing Diamond’s wardrobe, making sure the dog is ready for the camera too.

Paris Hilton then praises her guest.

I’m having so much fun talking to you but we also have a Q&A.

Tana Mongeau seemed to enjoy what Conrad Hilton’s granddaughter said and replied as she laughs about it.

We can talk forever. I can sit here for 12 hours and talk to you. I love it.

Mongeau thinks very highly of her host and has once called the heiress “an inspiration for ho-s like me”. Jake Paul’s ex shared her feelings before commencing to the burning questions session.

I’m so sad about not being at your Birthday. So Happy Birthday! Paris Hilton’s number 1 piece of advice is to “Miss Everything and Go Work”. So I’m making my mentor proud.

The Burning Questions

Paris Hilton and the YouTube star finally start answering the fans’ queries after about half the video was over. Here are some questions and their answers from the video.

Where did you first meet?

Tana Mongeau met Paris Hilton at Fire Beverly Hills Mansion and it was amazing.

What was your first impression of each other?

Hilton thought that Mongeau was so authentic, real and cool. She was so nice to me. Tana Mongeau had the same to say about but she repeated that Conrad’s grandaughter has always been her mentor.

What’s the one thing on your Bucket List that you have not done?

Paris Hilton told the YouTuber that the only thing left for her to do is go to space.

The session was not as good as Ellen Degeneres’ Burning Questions but is worth a watch. You can watch the full video YouTube and watch them answer the fan-favorite burning questions. The two seem to enjoy each other’s company and know a lot about each other. Dankanator will keep you updated on more from the two.

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