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Vanessa Marquez Death | Shocking Body Cam Footage Released

The ER actress was gunned down by police in August 2018. A shocking body cam footage of the shooting has been released. Tabloid news website TMZ published the dramatic video.

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Vanessa Marquez’s death was a shocking one and this new bodycam footage of the shooting is even more depressing. Stand and Deliver(1988) actress & ER’s Wendy Goldman was gunned down by police in August 2018. Tabloid news website TMZ released the dramatic video on Tuesday and the ER star’s family is not happy with it. The footage is shared by multiple sources, including Page6 . (WARNING: Graphic Content).

Vanessa Marquez Shooting and The Shocking BodyCam video published by TMZ

Hearing about how Stand and Deliver actress died is one thing but looking at a video of her final moments is just heartwrenching. On Tuesday, tabloid news website TMZ published a police bodycam video of the ‘police shooting Vanessa Marquez multiple times’.

In the video, the unidentified South Pasadena cops try to persuade the 49-year-old to go to the hospital.

So you understand my concerns that you’re [Vanessa Marquez] having seizures and you’re in the house by yourself. That’s a huge concern for me. We need to take you to the hospital for a check-up.

To which Stand and Deliver actress replied:

It is a concern for me too but I’m not going.

After a few minutes of cops trying to coax her and the 49-year-old continuously refusing to go, Vanessa Marquez reaches down to her bag.  When she takes her hand out, the policeman starts shouting.

Wait! Oh, sh–t, she’s got a gun. She’s got a gun. Drop the gun!

Vanessa Marquez replies.

Kill me!

The police kept warning her and tried to calm the situation down. In the final moments of the video, a gun pointed at the cops can be seen. That’s when one Pasadena cop opens fire at Vanessa Marquez, shooting her multiple times and killing her. Later the ER actress can be seen dead with a gun lying next to her.

Vanessa’s Family is Not happy with the release of the Video

According to The Independent, Vanessa Marquez’s family has expressed outrage over the release. The family’s lawyer shared their feelings in a statement.

Vanessa’s family was not informed that the video would be published. Her mother feels it was irresponsible for it to be published without any pre-advisement to her. She is a grieving mother and the City has never once contacted her to meet with her to explain the circumstances of Vanessa Marquez death.

There’s has not been any response from the concerned Police Department. Dankanator will keep you updated on the issue.

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