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Why Hollywood doesn’t like Bernie Sanders

Not all of it at least, especially the big shots.

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Bernie Sanders took the world by a storm when he stood against Hillary Clinton in 2016 Democratic Primaries. Ever since then, he has very actively spoken in the Senate and is now a major contender in the 2020 Democratic Primaries too. However, there’s one thing that we have noticed in Bernie’s camp. That is that he has very little support from Hollywood itself. We’ll find out why is it like that.

Bernie Sander’s Policies


Bernie is labeled as a socialist in the United States political spectrum. He follows the ideas of a welfare state that are most common in Europe. You can see that clearly on his campaign website on how he intends to deal with issues. He wants to cancel all the medical and college debt, make public universities tuition-free, make worker unions strong and wants to make immigration easier. To fund these socialist policies, Bernie intends to impose greater progressive taxation. It would involve people of the higher wage brackets to pay more than 52% of their income as income tax. Meanwhile, lower-income groups will pay fewer taxes.

These policies might seem radical to the American public, but it is a norm in most European countries. Socialism is proving to be a good way to reduce wealth disparity, but these policies do not sit well with Hollywood.

So, why does Hollywood have a problem?

Hollywood is made of many massive productions. These include 20th Century Fox, Disney, MGM, Columbia, Warner Brothers, etc. The tax regime that Bernie wants to impose does not sit well with most of these production companies. Just like all the other businesses in the United States, Hollywood is a business at its heart. These companies would be hurt by progressive taxation. They won’t be able to make more profits, which they could further invest in more films.

Similarly, in American culture, worker unions are not appreciated. They are considered a hurdle towards ease of business. Their demands slow down film productions, but at the same time, it improves the work environment. Bernie Sanders wants to make it easier for the working class, but big businesses of Hollywood aren’t completely on board. The Wrap discussed this topic in great detail back in the 2016 Democratic Primaries.

On the other hand, Senator Warren receives greater support from Hollywood. She has received endorsements of several stars and continues to work with them. However, that doesn’t mean Bernie is without any support.

Some progressive celebrities have endorsed Bernie

The most popular celebrity to side with Bernie Sanders is the Incredible Hulk, Mark Ruffalo. He has continuously raised his voice for poor old Bernie. He is quite active in politics and voices his support for Bernie a lot.

It didn’t just stop there. Cole Sprouse came out with his support for Sanders too! He said so in his tweet:

Progressive artists are supporting Bernie as individuals. Many people are now seeing America from his vision. All that is left to see is if they are enough to help him with the 2020 Democratic Primaries. And after that, he has to face the bigger battle with Trump. If Hollywood decides to support him, it will be a big win for Bernie’s campaign for the 2020 Presidential Race.

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