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Tana Mongeau & Danielle Cohn’s TikTok-Ship Turns Sour?

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This was a surprise. I did not even know that the two had collaborated for a TikTok until I read the news that Tana Mongeau shaded Danielle Cohn. Tana Mongeau and Danielle Cohn are completely opposite internet celebrities. While Tana’s life revolves around MTV these days, Danielle is all about Bang Energy Drink and the real-age controversies. Tana and Danielle collaborated for a TikTok when the two were attending Playlist 2020. But their TikTok-ship turned sour already.

Tana Mongeau & Danielle Cohn | TikTok Collab

The differences between the two stars are very clear when you see the TikTok video. They are not even in sync. Probably the two decided to do their own thing. However, another thing is clear that Tana Mongeau was not comfortable shooting that TikTok with Danielle Cohn.

Here‘s the TikTok Danielle shot with James Charles. And it looks good. After some time, Danielle posted her TikTok collaboration with Tana Mongeau. There were, in fact, two TikTok videos. One of the videos has 1.7M views while the other one nailed 4.1M views till now.

Danielle captioned the first TikTok collab as “the queen of twerking”. While the other one as “Big Sister”. Their mutual fans were pretty excited after seeing their TikTok collaborations. Tana Mongeau also posted the collab on her TikTok profile as well. Which was captioned as “I really suck at this app”.

This was not the first time they met.


Tana Shading Danielle Now?

Though Tana Mongeau has not said anything directly about Danielle Cohn yet. However, she liked a tweet of a fan, that called Danielle a b****.

Tana Mongeau

This fan did not have a good experience with Danielle Cohn. A few other fans also joined in and confirmed that Danielle was very rude to her fans at the Playlist.

And one of them realized that Tana liked this tweet. That’s how they are saying the TikTok-ship is sinking.


In November 2019, Tana Mongeau revealed that Band Energy Drink CEO originally approached her with a $1.1 million deal, later increased to $2 million, to advertise the drink in her videos, as well as give a shoutout to the CEO. However, Tana and her manager Jordan Worona turned down the deal.

I never want to be that girl on Instagram, like, ‘Hehe, the sunrise was so pretty today, follow the Bang Energy CEO.

Was that another shade at Danielle Cohn? We don’t know that. However, we are guessing there will not be any TikTok collaborations between Tana Mongeau and Danielle Cohn anymore.

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