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Kingsman 3 Starts Filming in January Next Year

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Another Kingsman movie- the third edition is coming to conclude the series. Kingsman 3 is finally going to put an end to the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship. The trilogy of the Kingsman movies started in 2015 with Kingsman: The Secret Service. It continued into 2017 with Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Announcement for Filming

It has been announced that Kingsman 3 would start filming in January next year. The shoot would take place in the United Kingdom. And the last part is connected to the planned prequel for the Kingsman series- Kingsman: The Great Game. Apparently, the director Matthew Vaughn plans on adding new characters to Kingsman 3. So that the movie connects and follows the prequel. The eight-hour-long show- Kingsman: The Great Game would take the audience back in time and help explore the organization in the early 20th century.

Filmmakers Looking for New Cast

According to the filmmakers, they are looking for lead actors to introduce to the cast for Kingsman 3. One new character would be a teen named Conrad. Conrad- the young and charming son of a British duke would serve the country during World War I. The Kingsman would offer Conrad the opportunity to do so. It has also been revealed that another older male lead would become a part of the cast. Predictions imply that Ralph Fiennes might be the studio’s choice. Those who’ve studied the details believe that Vaughn is just planting these characters to open the backdoor to The Great Game.

Fans are Hopeful

The next edition for Kingsman already has a lot of hopes from the fans. People are already expecting spinoffs now that the Kingsman trilogy is about to come to an end. Working on this last movie has been going on for a long time. Back in 2017, at the premiere for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it was shared that Matthew Vaughn was already visioning the end. Even when there was no script, he was trying to map out the last part from the beginning.

Even when the Kingsman series will be concluded on the big screen with the last edition Kingsman 3 soon, it seems like the Kingsman universe might expand itself on television.

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