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A Mandalorian Theory Suggests That The Armorer Fought For Darth Maul

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Perhaps out of all the characters in The Mandalorian series, the Armorer seems to like the most interesting one. That is, after the main characters, of course. The debut season of the Star Wars series told us about this mysterious woman inside the enclave of Mandalorian, someone who Din Djarin would visit. Fixing his armour and upgrading it to Beskar Steel is what she did for the bounty hunter, but there was much more to her. As the season finale suggested, she is also a skilful fighter, taking down several Imperial troopers in quick blows. One fan is suggesting that she is no ordinary person from the planet Mandalore. In fact, she was someone who sided with Darth Maul during the Clone Wars.

The Mandalorian Theory: Armorer Was In Death Watch

The Armorer (Emily Swallow) made her first appearance on the show right from the first episode. When Pedro Pascal‘s Din Djarin went into conflict with Paz Vizsla, she stressed the need for the Mandalorian Tribe to stay together because “this was the way”.

Now, a Reddit user suggested a very interesting theory about this mysterious Mandalorian character. The user pointed out that the armourer’s horned helmet suggest that she sided with Darth Maul when the Death Watch broke into two pieces. After Maul killed Pre Vizsla, its leader, the Death Watch divided into two groups: one wanted a Mandalore to rule them, another found Maul to be worthy and fit. Those who sided with the then-Sith tried changing their armour helmet to match his looks. Most changed its colours to red-black while others reshaped them.

In the case of this armourer, Mandalorian theory says that she also coloured her breastplate. She also sided with Din Djarin in his confrontation with Paz Vizsla, who is a direct descendant of Pre Vizsla. Paz wore blue armour which was a signature colour of Death Watch as well. Hence, all the more reason to believe. Check out the complete post below:

I had a revelation about The Armorer from starwarsspeculation

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