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Modern technologies “Back to the Future” failed to predict

And it's a few big ones indeed, that you can't imagine living life without!

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Every single pop culture fan adores Back to the Future. Vox described it as the perfect blockbuster of all time, and it’s really hard to disagree with that. However, what got us really excited as a kid was to see the year 2015 that Robert Zemeckis had predicted. Seeing flying cars, hoverboards, wireless gaming, video glasses, etc. just blew our minds away. However, the movie not only got some of these predictions wrong but also missed out on some big modern technologies. Let us see which ones we’re talking about!

Which innovations “Back to the Future” they forget?

Modern technologies "Back to the Future" failed to predict
A glimpse of 2015 from “Back to the Future”

2015 in our timelines did not turn out to be as predicted by the film. However, we’ve got some really dope innovations that Marty McFly would have loved. The first was definitely the internet!

They forgot the internet…

One glaringly obvious innovation “Back to the Future” forgot about was the internet. There was no mention of any kind of social media or any network that could connect the people. Most of them still used television for entertainment and even fax machines instead of email. I mean, in 30 years we could have had flying machines but never got rid of faxes? That’s a bit absurd. But, it doesn’t end there. It gets worse.

They still had wired telephones

Modern technologies "Back to the Future" failed to predict
A PCO in 2015 in Back to the Future.

None of us can honestly guess the last time we saw a PCO (Public Call Office). It’s been more than a decade since anyone used that relic, and there are good reasons for it. Cell phones completely changed the way humans communicate with each other, but it was something no one could have guessed. Back then, cell phones were gigantic, expensive, and just not worth the money. Now, however, things have completely changed. And that brings us to one final gadget that “Back to the Future” completely forgot about.


The Biggest One Yet… Smartphones!

The biggest technology Back to the Future missed out on was indeed Smartphones. They’re such a big part of our lives now, that it seems bizarre that Robert Zemeckis missed out on it. We use them for taking pictures, socializing, staying in touch, business communication, and what not! Frankly, our entire lives are in them. And “Back to the Future” completely skipped out on them. Bob Gale, the screenwriter, and producer of the trilogy said this in an interview to The Hollywood Reporter:

It’s the Swiss Army Knife of today. The fact that everyone can have one device that’s a computer, that’s a camera, that’s a recording device, that’s a calculator, that’s a flashlight … we didn’t think of that.

Maybe the writers never imagined such a convenient modern technology to rule the 21st century. Perhaps that is why innovation is a skill of just geniuses. However, the inventions they did show still fascinate our minds. We hope dearly that we get to see more of it within our lifetimes, even if Marty and Doc Brown missed out on them in 2015.

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