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Jeffree Star Rewards Good Parenting

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This week has been all about broken Jeffree Star eyeshadow palettes and good or bad parenting. And after a couple of scenarios played out, we have a winner here. And the winner just got rewarded by Jeffree Star himself. In case you all don’t know, a mother was heavily called out and shamed after she spanked her daughter last week for destroying her Jeffree Star cosmetics palette. Now, another mother set a good example for everyone out there. And Jeffree* did not ignore.

Another mother shares Jeffree Star palette broken by her toddler

After the last incident when the mother was shamed for hurting her child over an eyeshadow palette, another case came out. But this mother shared a lesson for every other mom who deals with a toddler breaking their precious possessions.

@MUAdifiziert shared a series of photos showing a horribly broken Blood Sugar palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. And by horrible, we really mean it. The shades were taken out till the pan, smeared all over a white mattress, and plain destroyed.

However, the mother wrote that she did not even touch her child nor did she scream. All she did was talk to her, make her apologize and have her clean up the mess.

Jeffree Star gifts her a new palette

This time Jeffree* himself took notice and acknowledged the mother for her good parenting. In fact, he not only appreciated her but has also asked for her address. The mother is getting an all-new eyeshadow palette.

Well, Jeffree* even offered a new mattress but he doesn’t know her personal preference there.

He responded by writing:

Hi parenting, how are ya?

Please DM me your address so I can send you a new palette! I’d send you a new mattress too but I don’t know how firm you like it

Now, this is what happens when you display patience, kindness, and compassion to your children when they don’t know better. And Jeffree Star knows how to treat his fans who deserve appreciation.
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