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Idris Elba To Star As James Bond Rumors were Fake

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Recently, it was considered that Idris Elba has a strong chance to be the next James Bond. Rumors surfaced that the producers were giving it a thought. But turns out that everything was just a lie.

Previously, the news came up that Daniel Craig was retiring after the next James Bond edition. And the spot for 007 would then be open. Among a list of other top actors, people were voting for Idris Elba to take the spot. He would then become the first black James Bond. Not just that, but fans thought that nobody other than Elba was better suited for the role. It was even revealed that both the producer and the director had expressed interest in Idris Elba. (Read full story here).

Now, the whole plot takes a turn as now that everything else has been denied. According to reports, the producers and the director never had conversations on casting. Antoine Fuqua was reported to have discussed Idris Elba’s chances as 007 with producer Barbara Broccoli. However, Fuqua’s representative claims its all fake. And that no franchise or casting conversations have been in progress. He also said that he had no clue how it got started. But it definitely was not true at all.

By the looks of it, Idris Elba did not have much wind of the casting decisions either. His representatives did not comment anything on the situation. But a source revealed that nobody from the actor’s side has any knowledge of Idris Elba soon becoming 007.

Now that it’s all fake, and the news is getting everywhere, the actor has himself made a few tweets on a lighter note. Recently, he posted a picture of himself and captioned it ‘My name’s Elba, Idris Elba’. He made this tweet attempting to imitate the typical James Bond line. And Twitter went absolutely crazy. Fans started thinking that Elba just himself confirmed that he’s becoming James Bond. But then afterwards, Idris Elba posted a picture of the rap group Public Enemy. With the post, he quoted a famous song of them ‘Don’t believe the hype’.

So, turns out that Idris Elba has officially denied all the James Bond rumors. But previously, the actor has expressed his interest in taking up the role. In 2014, he talked about the perks of getting that role. He added that it would be an honor to him. In 2016, Idris Elba noted that he might be too old for James Bond when the next franchise comes out. But he assured everyone that no official talks were in progress.

With so much going on, the hype for who will actually become the James Bond is getting stronger than ever.

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