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Donald Trump Praises Kanye West For Telling Truth: The Irony

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President Donald Trump has thanked Kanye West for supporting him. And for sharing the truth about his beliefs. It looks like despite all the criticisms from Hollywood, Donald Trump has finally found a true friend in Kanye West.

Recently, West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and opened up about a lot in his life. In fact, almost everything. Kanye West talked on a lot of topics ranging from his support for Trump to his mental health. (Read full story-here) His comments reassured everyone that his pro-Trump tweets were more than just publicity for his new album Ye. Kanye West revealed that everyone in Hollywood was picking out a candidate as the elections came up. Being a musician, an African American who was into Hollywood, West decided to do the same. But he was warned to keep his Trump liking to himself. And that disclosing it would end his career.

Kanye West also shared that his community would never accept him as a Trump supporter. And it took him almost a year and a half to gain enough confidence to stand up for what he believes. Without fearing its consequences.

Although, it seems like the rapper has not thought his decisions through. Kanye West previously released a statement saying that Barack Obama did not care enough about African Americans. So Jimmy Kimmel asked West what his thoughts were on Trump’s immigration policies. And his comments on the treatment of families at the border. Kanye West had no response and remained silent for a few moments. Kimmel had to cut through to a commercial to make things less awkward.

After West’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, President Trump made a tweet to thank him for his endless support. He not only thanked him for saying out the truth. But also stated that African American unemployment now was lower than ever in the country. Saying that he was truly honored, Trump said Kanye West’s support made a difference.

It looks like the Trump-West friendship goes beyond than this. In a May speech, Trump thanked Kanye West for doubling his support among African Americans. He said that his polls had doubled from 11 percent to 22 percent from African Americans. And that he attributed this success to Kanye West. The pollsters even thought that there was a mistake and this was not possible.

Finally, in his interview Kanye West added that the liberals can not bully him anymore. And that he continue to express support for the President.

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