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Henry Cavill as Wolverine: Is it a Good Idea?

Rumors are spreading that Henry Cavill will play Wolverine in MCU's Captain Marvel 2

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You can’t find a more suited person to play a superhero other than Henry Cavill. It is as if he was born to play these roles. However, there have been rumors spreading that the actor is being considered as the new Wolverine. And we’re not talking about a solo film. He’ll be starring as Wolverine in MCU’s Captain Marvel 2. So, would that be a good idea? Let’s find out.

The source of the rumor?

Well, the source of the rumor is as concrete as sand. Apparently, there’s source that says, Henry Cavill will play the Wolverine in the upcoming Captain Marvel 2. Now, we have no clue as to how much truth there is in this. Plus, the website seems quite sketchy with no concrete mention of their source. But for the sake of argument, let’s say he is being considered as Wolverine. Would that be a good idea?

Henry Cavill’s previous work

Henry Cavill as Wolverine: Is it a Good Idea?
Henry Cavill as Superman

Cavill is no stranger to superhero or sci-fi films. His part as Superman has received a lot of criticism over the years. Fans said that he was never able to portray our favorite Kryptonian properly. Although DCEU films have been unsuccessful at the box office or in reviews, Cavill might not be at fault for that. This is because the writing and scripting in Superman films and Justice League were quite questionable. Therefore, Cavill could only make do with what he had. Cosmonaut Variety Hour explains this well in his video as to why DCEU films suffer, and Henry Cavill is not to blame for it.

Now, with The Witcher, we got to see Cavill’s true potential. We realized that he was not type-casted like Christopher Reeves was in the original Superman. Moreover, the show has actually been quite successful and Cavill has received praise for his performance. This goes to show that there might be some potential for Cavill in Wolverine. But the fans have something else to say.

Social media reacts

Social media, however, did not react to this rumor as positively as people had hoped.

Twitter is the king of memes and rage reactions, but when you put some thought into it, Henry Cavill might actually be able to pull it off. He has all the right elements to be a great superhero. And he has proved it on the big stage that he can act quite well. He has proved it in The Witcher, and he also showed his comedic side in “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”. Considering it’s going to be an MCU film, he will need some of his comedy skills too. A concept art surfaced on twitter by @Bosslogic, with Cavill as Wolverine and it looks ridiculously good.

Concept art: Henry Cavill as Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2
Henry Cavill as Wolverine | by @Bosslogic on Twitter

Our verdict

In conclusion, we can say that Henry Cavill at least deserves to be in the conversation of being considered as Wolverine. This is because he has worked in critically acclaimed films, and continues to perform in them too. Moreover, he fits the superhero criteria perfectly. And honestly, we might just be in for a surprise when we hit the theatres for MCU’s Captain Marvel 2.

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