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Adam Levine apologizes for unprofessional behavior

The Maroon 5 performance in Chile went sideways

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The Viña del Mar Festival is the oldest and largest music event in Latin America. Adam Levine and his band were booked to perform at the festival, in front of a crowd of 15,000. However, their performance was quite underwhelming. First of all, the band came on stage 15 minutes late, causing live TV anchors to awkwardly fill in the silence as fans waited impatiently.

Adam Levine apologizes for unprofessional performance at Chile festival

Adam Levine’s negative attitude

After waiting for fifteen minutes, fans were finally excited to see Maroon 5 perform. But all their excitement turned to frustration within minutes because of the lead singer’s attitude. Levine began to act frustrated and had hostile behavior towards the audience. He began to sing off-tune and eventually stormed off-stage while cussing.

In a statement, Levine and the band’s representative said that:

The band experienced technical difficulties during their performance, including issues with the monitor, as well as the in-ears Levine used to hear himself sing.

When the crowd sang along to hit She Will Be Loved, the singer commented: “Well, if you want to do my job, go ahead.” Fans were extremely disappointed, to say the least. They vented out their anger online, causing #AdamLevine to trend worldwide.

His apology on Instagram

Adam Levine said in defense that his negative attitude was due to frustration with how he sounded. He went on his social media the next day and formally apologized for his behavior:

There were some things holding me back sonically last night, and I let them get to me, and it impacted how I was behaving on stage which was unprofessional, and I apologize for that. Last night wasn’t our best and for that all I can say is I’m really sorry.

He went on to say that he was struggling mentally and pre-occupied with something, which he failed to mask. Fans are wondering if that comment was something related to his personal life.


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