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John Krasinski Jokes About Chris Evans Stealing Captain America

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Famous actor John Krasinski is known for his popular roles in the series ‘The Office’ and the movie ‘The Quiet Place’. He has lately been in the news a lot. Mostly because of Marvel rumors but John told Esquire that he still jokes with Chris Evans about losing the Captain America role to him.

The two actors are friendly and share a healthy, jovial work relation. They recently ran into each other, Krasinski being his funny self did not let this opportunity slide and grilled Evans about losing the Cap role to him. The Office actor tried out for the role too but the role ended up going to Chris Evans instead. Now, a lot of people must’ve been crushed by this but for Krasinski to continue joking about it with Evan to this day shows there are no grudges between the two.

Also, Chris Evans has proved himself by doing justice to the Cap role over and over again. Becoming one of the most beloved actors and characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Speaking to Esquire, John Krasinski shared:

“People have a sense that some of us are insanely competitive. I’ve known Chris forever. So as soon as they said Chris Evans got the part, I was like, yeah, look at that guy. Are you kidding me? He is Captain America. And I just saw Chris a couple of weeks ago and we were still laughing about it. I said, ‘I love that you retired in my role.’”

MCU Future for John Krasinski:

It looks like the actors’ likelihood for MCU isn’t totally lost. Rumor has it, Krasinski has shown interest in playing Mister Fantastic in a Fantastic Four movie:

“I was just about to walk into the worst pun ever, but I was like, that’s a fantastic role. That would be awesome. Marvel wrote the playbook on secrecy and awesome sort of tantalizing lay and wait until everything’s announced. I am not committed to the role or anything, but I don’t know when they’re doing it. But if and when they do it, I would love to talk to them about it.”

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