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Here are 5 2010 songs to give you the ultimate nostalgia!

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Do you think time does not pass that quick? Well, we’re already in 2020! And while it may not seem like so much of time has passed, here’s how we can make you feel exactly how much of time has passed. Music. It lives in our souls. We associate with songs from all times and years. Since music is ever-evolving, it is easier for one’s mind to associate certain music to a certain time. So, in light of that, here’s a list of songs that will give you ultimate 2010’s nostalgia. Also, you probably never thought that these songs came out long ago as some of them are so loved even today!

1) Love the way you lie – Rihanna and Eminem

Who does not love this song? A passive-aggressive toxic relationship described to the T. Both, its first and second parts are a favorite among people all over the world. Even if you have not experienced an actual relationship like that, you’ll still find yourself listening to it on a loop!

2) Rolling in the deep – Adele

Even if you do not have it all, you always have a little bit of Adele. The song, Rolling in the deep came out all the way back in 2010! It has been 10 years since the song came out however, it is to this day loved. But now that we think of it, something about the tunes does give you a little bit of a 2010 flashback moment.

3) Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Show of hands who was an actual teenager when this song came out! Katy Perry sure did alleviate our teenage fantasies with her songs at the time. Not only was this upbeat pop released in 2010 but, her infamous candy video song, California Girls featuring Snoop Dogg also came out. So, you could say that Katy Perry hit her highest in 2010 making her song the ultimate nostalgia giver for the year.

4) Billionaire – Travie McCoy

Who did not have this song or its tune stuck in their heads for days to come after catching just the tune of it at a Wal-Mart cause that’s how popular this song was. And also, everyone wanted to be a billionaire after listening to the song.

5) Just a Dream – Nelly

It was only just a dream… ah! The ultimate one-sided love song. Nelly really got himself a jackpot with this one. The song was so popular at the time that it became one of the most heard songs during the year. Its lyrics are just oh so mesmerizing!

This is just our personal top 5 list! 2010 was so full of songs that to this day, are heard and loved. Kesha, B.O.B, Katy Perry, Eminem, Shontelle, P!nk and various other artists hit milestones in their careers with their releases in 2010. Since we cannot cover each and every person, you can always go for Billboard’s Hot 100, Year End 2010 songs to get your ultimate fill!

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