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Milla Jovovich Starring In Monster Hunter As Paul W S Anderson Returns

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Director Paul W S Anderson is returning in September with his new movie Monster Hunter. Starring Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa, the movie is a game adaptation. The director is largely popular for his Resident Evil movies, and now his next project involves a game where the main player is tasked to take down and kill various monsters.

Milla Jovovich Starring In Monster Hunter And More

Anderson will take on a PlayStation 2 game that will see Jovovich in it as well. The star of the Resident Evil movie series will be taking on the role of Captain Natalie Artemis. She will be a member of the UN’s military team that falls into a portal to an alternate world. There, monsters roam around and Hunters try to take them down. The monsters discover the portal and it is up to Jovovich’s Artemis and others to stop them from reaching the “real Earth”.

For Anderson, he might have no trouble making such movies, seeing his experience and his resume. He has had plenty of experience turning monster video games into movies. His first was back in 1995, Mortal Kombat. He then worked on some RE movies, Afterlife, Retribution, and The Final Chapter. His last movie came out in 2016, and after a four-year gap, we are going to see his another movie.

Filmmaker Paul W S Anderson is also a screenwriter along with original gameplay writer Kaname Fujioka. The initial posters of Monster Hunter show that Milla Jovovich will be swinging a giant-sized Berzerker sword. Something similar to what you will find in MMORPG games.

Tony Ja seems to be holding an equally large bow as he is an archer. Take a look at his movie poster below:

The two will team up together to venture in, what largely seems like desert-version of alternate Earth. The casting line up includes Clifford T I Harris, Ron Perlman, and Meagan Good. The movie is coming out on September 4, 2020.

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