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Jojo opens up about her initial struggles as a child star

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Jojo (Joanna Noëlle Levesque) is a 29-year-old American singer. She has been through a lot but has proved herself to be a fighter. Living in Massachusetts with her mom, when the opportunity to be a music artist presented itself, she and her mom both jumped on it.

JoJo opens up about her struggle

However, JoJo’s career was not easy. Blackground Records was owned by the late Aaliyah’s uncle. JoJo knew what a star the uncle made of the late singer. Apart from that she and her mom were given many perks as well, which added to the attraction of the overall package.

At just the age of 12, she began her career and found herself on number one the very next year. But soon after, the label started having issues with the way she looked. They blocked her new album and she was made to think that she wasn’t skinny enough to appear in the videos. For this purpose, she was put on a 500 calorie diet and was given injections leading her to lose appetite.

This unhealthy routine had an inevitable effect on her – addiction. For young JoJo to feel okay she had to be completely stoned or drunk. Many times she found herself standing on the edge of suicide. As much as she wanted to have a career she just couldn’t continue like this.

Hence she went to court to get out of her contract with Blackground Records. In 2009, with no financial win, she got her freedom back. Which is basically the biggest gift of life right?

When we are naive, we think fame and money are more important. But is it? Looking at the life of all the child stars we have, it is quite obvious that all this eventually leads to the abuse of drugs and mental health problems. It’s inspiring to see JoJo rise above from her terrible past.

Watch the entire interview Jojo did with Uproxx here

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