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Steven Spielberg resigns: Will Indiana Jones 5 be worth it?

Now that Steven Spielberg's gone, will the 5th Indiana Jones be worth it?

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Indiana Jones left all of our jaws dropped and heart racing when we were kids. It is the most likable, adventurous and fun treasure hunting trilogy to ever exist. Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Indy makes it all the more iconic. However, fans were left a bit confused when “Kingdom of the crystal skull” was released. It received a mixed reception on the Box Office as well as from critics. This made the announcement of Indiana Jones 5 even more confusing. Now that Steven Spielberg has resigned from the Director’s role from the franchise, what would this mean for poor old Indy?

Steven Spielberg’s resignation – James Mangold to replace him?

Steven Spielberg resigns: Will Indiana Jones 5 be worth it?
Steven Spielberg

After 39 long years of serving for the franchise, Steven Spielberg has resigned from Indiana Jones 5. This might be tough to take for many fans, but there are some good names popping around to replace him. The frontrunner is James Mangold, director of “Logan” and “Ford vs Ferrari”, both of which are critically acclaimed. This means that despite Spielberg’s resignation, our favorite professor of archeology/treasure hunter is in safe hands!

Even though Spielberg has resigned, he will remain as a hands-on producer. Therefore, he will still have some influence on his decades of hard work. However, there could be a problem with the released date of the film. And it doesn’t look good.

Further delay expected

The film was scheduled to be released in July of 2019 at the time of its announcement. That was delayed to July of 2020, and then again to 2021. It looks unlikely that the film would be released any time soon in 2021 after Spielberg’s resignation. The fans are gradually getting more upset, as such schedule delays are never a good sign.

Already confused fans not sure about Indiana Jones 5

Steven Spielberg resigns: Will Indiana Jones 5 be worth it?
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

After the release of Indiana Jones 4, fans were quite confused. The movie did a lot of fan service, but never really gave any new dynamic to the already loved Indiana Jones. It seemed like an extended ending to the trilogy, with no new arcs for Harrison Ford’s iconic character to discover. Now that Indiana Jones 5 takes a completely new direction, fans are even more confused than before.

Some fans have taken to social media to cancel the film’s production altogether. Some passionate fans on twitter said:

Don’t get us wrong, there are still many fans who want to see their favorite treasure hunter on screen again. But Harrison Ford is 77 years old. There is no way he can be as charismatic in Indiana Jones 5 as he was in the original trilogy. The movie will have to be a masterpiece for them to give this iconic character a closure.

Steven Spielberg resigns: Will Indiana Jones 5 be worth it?
Indy in “Kingdom of the crystal skull”

No fan would say no to seeing Indiana Jones again on screen. But seeing a frail Harrison Ford is something no fan wants. We can only hope that Disney finds the best possible solution for poor old Indy!

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