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Kanye West Opens About Bipolar Disorder

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After five years, Kanye West is opening up about a lot that has happened with him. In a detailed interview with the host Jimmy Kimmel, the rapper discussed a variety of topics this Thursday. They included his 2016 hospitalization, his decision to support President Trump, his wife Kim Kardashian and also, his bipolar disorder.

According to Kanye West, his true brilliance comes from accepting every part of his identity. And that includes his bipolar disorder too. He shared that having conversations about mental health was truly important. Especially for him, since he was black. Kanye West further elaborated saying that they never have therapists in the black community. Medication was not considered an option. But Kanye stated that he was glad that his mother did not give him medicines when he had his first blackout at the age of 5. Because if it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t have realized that he is bipolar. He’s happy that he knows this. Even for this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he knew he wanted to stay calm.

Kanye West also shared one of the greatest lessons that he learnt from life which was that people need to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment. It’s something that has not proven true for Kanye West. Among all the controversies and mocking criticisms that West has faced for his tweets and statements previously, he is in a good place to understand what fear of judgment is. Kanye West once expressed his views on slavery. With his claims, it looked like the rapper implied slavery as a choice. Even though he tried to cover up, the internet was cruel and Kanye West faced a harsh time.

Despite being a black man, Kanye West has expressed support for President Trump. He has surely faced a lot of criticism on that too. He chose this interview as an opportunity to talk about it. He shared that when the elections were approaching, and everybody started selecting candidates, he was advised not to show his support for Trump. He knew that if he said it out loud, the black community would kick him out. So when he expressed himself, things did not go well, and he lost his confidence. At that time, he could not take the backlash anymore. And it took him a year and a half to regain his confidence and express himself regardless of the consequences.

Kanye West’s comments on mental health came up just a few days after his wife, reality star Kim Kardashian initiated a charity for children’s mental health. Even when Kanye West has tried to clarify his controversies as much as he could, the rapper might not ever be able to go around whatever he has said in the past.


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