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Leonardo DiCaprio Helps a NY Tourist

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Imagine getting lost in a city and being rescued by a world-renowned celebrity. That’s exactly what happened to a lost New York tourist.

While nobody can deny his powerful acting skills, Leonardo DiCaprio is a good Samaritan

From his glorious acting career to being a strong advocate to save the environment, Leonardo DiCaprio is a phenomenon. Over the years, he has given us some of the most incredible films ever made like Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the very few who has multiple Academy Award nominations. So far, he has got six Oscar nominations and won just once.

Apart from acting, he is a very active environmental activist

In 1998, he founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which works to promote awareness about the environment. Not only is he a part of numerous organizations, but he was also on the board of the World Wildlife Fund, Global Green USA, and International Fund for Animal Welfare. In 2009, he bought an island in Belize where he will open an environment-friendly resort.

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Shrubs and grasses are springing up around Mount Everest and across the Himalayas, one of the most rapidly heating regions of the planet. The impact on water supplies of the small but significant increase in vegetation is unknown but could increase flooding in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, which supplies 1.4 billion people with water. The melting of Himalayan glaciers has doubled since the turn of the century and research has suggested that its ecosystems are highly vulnerable to climate-induced shifts in vegetation. Studies of increased vegetation in the Arctic found that they delivered a warming effect in the surrounding landscape, with the plants absorbing more light and warming the soil. But Dr Karen Anderson from the Environment and Sustainability Institute says more vegetation might not increase warming and flooding. A previous study in the Tibet region found that the water in the plants, that is evaporated through their leaf surface, became a cooling influence. (Via The @Guardian)

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Not only that, Leonardo DiCaprio is always helping people

In January this year, he saved a man from drowning who had fallen from a yacht. According to a source, the man was drunk and had been in the water for 11 hours. When asked about the man’s reaction, the source said:

“He thought he was dreaming after being rescued by one of the world’s most famous faces.”

Similarly, DiCaprio and his long-time friend and actor, Kevin Connolly helped a lost New York tourist. While they both were out for lunch, a New York tourist asked them for directions. In a friendly manner, DiCaprio explained to him the way. However, the tourist does not seem to have recognized the superstar.

If Leonardo DiCaprio helped me this way, I would tell this story for the rest of my life.

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